Recommended Itineraries

Over time, our members have posted many well-planned itineraries across Japan. I have consolidated them into categories and supplemented them with other itineraries from Japan National Tourist Org (JNTO) so that our members can refer to them, when planning for their next Japan trip.

A. Short 1 week trip covering Tokyo + Kanto Region

A1. 5 Days in Tokyo by Logan Page
Route : Odaiba, Yoyogi, Shibuya, Robot Museum, Akihabara, Ueno, Roppongi, Asakusa, Edo-Tokyo Museum, Disneysea … kyo-japan/

A2. 7 Days in Tokyo by Tiffany Cu
Route : Shinjuku, Asakusa, Ueno, Gotemba, Hakone (Mt Fuji view), Imperial Palace, Akihabara, Tsukiji etc … an-travel/

A3. 1 Day Tokyo Walking Tour by Benji Sun
Route : Tsukiji, Kanda, Ueno, Asakusa … 1690026845

A4. Other Locations in Tokyo

  • Odaiba – Gundam Front, Lego Discovery Centre, Toyota Mega Web, Oedo Onsen
  • Team Lab Borderless
  • Anime – Akihabara, Nakano Broadway
  • Suburbs – Shimokitazawa, Kichijoji
  • Theme Parks – Disneyland, Disneysea, FujiQ, Sanrio Puroland

A5. Short Excursions from Tokyo

  • Lake Kawaguchi
  • Hakone
  • Kawagoe
  • Nikko
  • Kamakura
  • Mount Takao

B. Short 1 week trip covering Kyoto/Osaka/Nara/Kobe (Kansai Region)

B1. Osaka & Kyoto by Logan Page

B2. Central Japan trip covering Osaka, Kyoto, Takayama, Shirakawa-go, Kanazawa, Nagoya by Jeff Tan

B3. 7 Days in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara by Tiffany Cu. Route : Kansai Airpot > Kyoto > Nara > Osaka. … itinerary/

B4. Other Locations in Kansai

  • Arashiyama
  • Fushimi Inari
  • Toji Temple Flea Market 21st of Month
  • Koyasan
  • Minoo
  • Uji Tea
  • Theme Parks – Universal Studio

C. All Japan Reference by Prefecture

C1. Japan Travel Blog by Lim Shihui
Shihui has travelled to all the 47 prefectures of Japan and documented her travel itineraries meticulously. Must read when planning your trip.

D. Longer trip covering All-Japan

D1. 30 days trip covering Osaka, Nara, Kobe, Himeji, Hiroshima, Akiyoshido, Miyajima, Okunoshima, Beppu, Yufuin, Tokyo etc by 黄梅鈴 Hazel … lo-travel/

D2. 30 days trip covering Sapporo, Hakone, Tokyo, Nagano, Nagoya, Naoshima, Miyajima, Beppu, Kyoto, Amanohashidate, Nara, Shirahama, Osaka by Dianna Julie … 960068625/

D3. 2 weeks Japan Trip using JR Pass by Alan Wilson. … vel-japan/

E. Self-Drive Trips

E1. Self Drive Hokkaido (Northern Ring) Trip by Benji Sun. Route : Asahikawa > Sounkyo > Lake Abashiri > Utoro > Lake Kussharo > Kushiro … 1393947274

E2. Self Drive Kyushu by Albert Onizuka Lam Route : Fukuoka – Karatsu – Nagasaki – Shimabara – Kumamoto – Takachiho – Aoshima – Kagoshima – Fukuoka … 677408625/

E3 Driving Reference :

H. Region Itineraries

Hokkaido, Tohoku Region (Northern Japan)
H1. Sapporo Snow Festival & Asahikawa
H2. Shiretoko
H3. Hakodate, Lake Toya
H4. Tohuku Trip (Kakunodate, Hirosaki, Aomori, Towada, Kitakami) by Lani … 142508625/
H5. Matsushima, Sendai

Kanto (Eastern Japan)
I1. Nikko
I2. Climbing Mount Fuji by Rajnesh Sharma
I3. 1 Day Kairuizawa by Salamat Khamisah … 930603625/

Chubu (Central Japan)
J1. Nagano Snow Monkey
J2. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
by Raymond Chia (day trip) … RpbmVyYXJ5
J3. Kurobe Dam, Alphine Route by Jayne Aw

J4. Shirakawa-go by ML Yim (Spring) … 246138625/

Shikoku, Chukoku, Wakayama (Western Japan)
K1. Kumano Trail
K2. Hiroshima and Miyajima by Michele Chia … ajima.html
K3. 4 Days Shikoku
K4. Wakayama, Kumano by Tacu Matsuo … 413418625/

Kyushu, Okinawa
L1 : Kyushu trip (Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Hitoyoshi, Ibusuki, Kagoshima, Beppu, Yufuin) by Mandy Tan … 894233625/
L2. 4 Days Hakata, Dazaifu, Beppu and Yufuin by Ellie Kohno … 340298625/
L3. Self Drive Kyushu by Albert Onizuka Lam Route : Fukuoka – Karatsu – Nagasaki – Shimabara – Kumamoto – Takachiho – Aoshima – Kagoshima – Fukuoka … 677408625/

M1. Zamimi Island by Dimitra Milano … 151948625/
M2 Okinawa Acquarium by Veronika Sigl … 108798625/

N1 : Rabbit Okunoshima Island 大久野島 … apan/30056
N2 : Cat Island 1 Aoshima 青島 in Ehime Prefecture, Cat Island 2 Tashirojima 田代島 in Miyagi Prefecture … shirojima/
N3 : 招き猫 at Kotokuji Temple Tokyo by Yuriko Tonosaki … 309738625/
N4. Zao Fox Village … lage/30477
N5. Yudanaka Snow Monkeys
N6. Capybara カピバラ (giant rodents) at the Izu Shaboten Park … -hot-bath/

O1 : Most popular Onsens in Japan 
O2. Onsen Etiquette … ners/64853
Onsens allowing Tattoos
O3 : Kurama Onsen Our members experience by Lydia May Wong … 192928625/
O4. Yumato Onsen near Chiba … ear-tokyo/
O5. Gotemba Onsen … blem-here/
Across Japan … can-enter/

Skiing in Japan

Muslim Travelling to Japan

Unusual Places to Visit
P1 : Underground Wonder of Tokyo … -of-tokyo/
P2.: Aokigahara Suicide Forest 
P3 : Fureai Sekibutsu no Sato in Toyama … %E3%80%91/
P4 : Nagaro … no-people/
P5 : Ganguro Makeover
P6: Parasite Musuem … kyo-japan/

Q. Outside the Cities
Q1. Ten most beautiful towns in Japan … -in-japan/
Q2. Things to do in Japan during winter … he-winter/
Q3. 31 Most beautiful places in Japan by CNN … index.html
Q4. Japan is not just Tokyo and Kyoto
Q5. 54 places recommended by locals … ls-part-1/
Q6. UNESCO Sites

X. Others

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