Travel Budgets in Tokyo

We always get queries from members regarding how much $ is required while travelling in Japan. The amount needed varies by individuals, depending on how frugal the person is (food, accommodation), the places he’s going to (entrance fees) and what he buys (souvenirs, miscellaneous). This article will attempt to provide an estimates of such spending.IContinue reading “Travel Budgets in Tokyo”

Everything About Tokyo

Everything About Tokyo (as discussed by this Group) A. Landed in JapanA1. How to Travel from Narita Airport to City, Options1. Narita Express (Train). Most comfortable. About 3,000 Yen one way. Round-trip promotion, 4,070 Yen for 2 ways Airport Limo Bus. Most convenient if you are staying at/near the hotel where the bus is stopping.Continue reading “Everything About Tokyo”

Recommended Itineraries

Over time, our members have posted many well-planned itineraries across Japan. I have consolidated them into categories and supplemented them with other itineraries from Japan National Tourist Org (JNTO) so that our members can refer to them, when planning for their next Japan trip. A. Short 1 week trip covering Tokyo + Kanto Region A1.Continue reading “Recommended Itineraries”

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